The Lord will hold your hand and if you stumble you still won’t fall.

Psalm 37:24


A mother holds the hand of her child as they cross the road

A best friend holds your hand as you wait for a doctor’s appointment

A boyfriend holds his partners hand to show them love and affection

Three different relationships showing three different models of intimacy. Yet it is this personal support that we can have with God.  The hopeful image of God holding our hand, showing us that we are in this together; not facing life alone.  This can bring great comfort to a troubled soul.


By giving up on prayer, because God never seems to answer you anymore

By skipping a therapy appointment because it just doesn’t seem to be working

By losing focus and letting someone else become the centre of your life

Three different ways many of us stumble in our journeys of faith; losing the joy we find in God’s salvation. The shift in our primary focus on God can slowly move as we lose one spiritual habit after another. Yet there is hope.


Like a skydiver jumping out of a plane

Like a child riding a bike for the first time

Like a gymnast summersaulting into the air

Three different ways to fall, yet they are all temporary. A skydiver has a parachute. The child’s bike has stabilisers. The gymnast has crash mats to land on. We can have confidence that we will only stumble, and not fall. God holds our hand and picks us up; through his grace we are recovered.


Take a moment and think . . .

How can you remember that God is holding your hand when you feel most alone?

How does your primary focus look? Is God at the center, or is he fading into the background?

How do you know that these troubles are only temporary, trusting in God’s grace?


This article was apart of ‘Little Book of Chaos’ campaign with VerseFirst in 2017

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