The rain swaps from a comforting pitter pater sound to pounding water bullets against the glass. Thoughts of all the ways I’ve messed up begin to flood my mind. As each bullet hits the glass the concept of hope washes further away. My spirit heavy once again as the dark path of depression draws ever closer.

My spirit is depressed…

It can feel almost impossible to become optimistic when our spirit is so low; swapping thoughts of hopelessness to memories of love and mercy can seem unimaginable. Questions like ‘How can God still love his people? Even me? Has his mercy run out on me?’

Yet hope returns when I remember this one thing…

As I lamented to the noise of the water bullets, hope began to slowly return. I think of past times when my spirit has been depressed. My mind, still swimming with questions and negative thoughts, starts to recall his unfailing love and mercy.

The Lords unfailing love and mercy still continue. . .

Statements of truth begin to filter through my flooded mind. The weight of depression in my spirit begins to slowly lift and the path of hope starts to shine ahead of me.

My God doesn’t keep a score board of times I feel I’ve messed up, but rather celebrates every time I come back to Him.

My God provides me with hope, day and night.

My God breaks through the wall of depression, and brings light to my spirit.

I am reminded that I am not alone in this battle, no matter how long it lasts; but rather a warrior of God, armed with love and mercy.

Fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise . . .

The rain continues to pound on the windows. The clouds darken the sky. Yet I know that the morning will come, and with the morning comes the rising of the sun. As I watch the sun rise in all its splendor, I remember to have hope in Gods unfailing love and mercy.

When your spirit is depressed:

  • Remember God’s faithfulness in his love and mercy to us, just like the sun rises each day, God is constant in our lives and when it’s most dark.
  • You are not alone. When you feel alone, remind yourself that God is there to bring comfort and to confide in.
  • No matter how depressed your spirit feels, the hope we have in God can never be taken away.

When someone else’s spirit is depressed:

  • Encourage them to recall times in the past when God has shown them love and mercy. He did it then, and he continues to do so.
  • Be with them and remind them they do not have to face this alone. God, his church and his word are there to help remind them they are not alone, but loved and cared for.
  • Ask if they would like you to pray with them. If so, pray for hopefulness to fill their spirit.


Write a list of things that are consistent in your day to day life. What things refresh your spirit, what are your sunrises?

You might want to spend time chatting with a friend or family member and together to create your list. Afterwards, pop it up somewhere you will see it every morning. Perhaps a mirror? On your bed side table? Or save it as the background on your phone.


The article was apart of ‘Little Book of Chaos’ campaign from VerseFirst in 2017

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